I’m All Alone.

It was 6:00AM. I'm all alone. And at the expense of sounding like a really cool club track (Jamie Jones - "Should Have Gone Home"), or a commuter on their way to a job that starts way too early; that was the truth for me March 12th. No I was not actually at a club … Continue reading I’m All Alone.

A Sleep Schedule That Works For You

Today (4/16/18) I am on Day 13 of my adaption into the Everyman 2 sleep schedule. I have to say, as expected it is much easier after having tried Everyman 3! The later core of 2:30AM can be hard to stay up for at times but it gives me plenty of time to enjoy my … Continue reading A Sleep Schedule That Works For You


Hey everyone, So it's been awhile since I've posted. I have been obsessing with some of my other interests but also was struggling the last few days with major sleep deprivation that comes with a difficult sleep schedule like E3. To give an update on that, I've decided to take a new sleep schedule. While … Continue reading Failure

Day 2

It's funny how challenges in life are not always a bad thing. In fact, sometimes challenge brings us a sense of happiness before we have even overcome them. For example, a new project or task at work can be at first intimidating. You may feel anxious about how to accomplish your goal, worried you will … Continue reading Day 2